Currently I have one book published through CreateSpace and Amazon called “Hinkas Through the Ages.” In August 2018, I will be debuting a second book called “Aliens of Lactopia: Convention Artwork Volume 1” which will feature artwork that I’ve shown at art shows between August 2015 and August 2018.

Hinkas Through the Ages is a showcase of some of Karen Roop’s artwork over the years. Hinkas are a collection of creatures she invented as a child and this book shows how they’ve progressed over the past twenty years. This book features 28 different characters and species and almost 200 pictures, more than half of those being full colored. Four chapters feature her hinkas with childhood, high school, and adulthood versions right next to each other to show the changes in Karen’s art style over the years. Some of the transitions were short—once drawn in childhood and once in adulthood—but others have been drawn many times over the years! Come explore the world of the hinkas.