About Lactopia

Lactopia is the name for the world where all the creatures I’ve drawn reside. I call them all “Hinkas” which were a group of creatures I drew as a kid. Some of the creatures on this site are directly based off of the drawings I did when I was younger (more realistic versions) and some of them are recent creations.

In addition to drawing Hinkas, I also like to draw mythical animals such as dragons. My newest series, “Mythical Reflections,” involves both real animals and mythical animals.

About the Artwork

I send my artwork out to various sci fi conventions around the U.S. I have all of the artwork displayed on this website plus some extras. In addition to displaying prints at conventions, I also have my artwork available to look at or purchase online:

About the Artist

I’m a 26 year old nutrition & dietetics Master’s student from New Mexico. My career goal is to become a registered dietitian. I have this artwork business on the side because I’ve always loved to draw. I also like being able to continue developing my drawing skills and am planning on applying my skills not only for this side business but also in my future career.